Monday, September 30, 2013

New Native Filipino Companion

Ahh sorry, I forgot to tell you, I got the Tylenol at the beginning of September, and I got the Dear Elder letters in the middle of September. I don't remember all the dates, but the Dear Elder letters got here really fast. good stuff! Oh, and my watch either broke or is out of battery. I am going to see if i can get it fixed here, or I might need to get a new watch (which will probably be 2000 or so.... about $50.) So just a heads up.

Anyways, my companion finished emailing, so I should proabably hurry up. His name is Elder Aquinaldo. He is from a Province called Isabela. He is going to make such a great missionary! I can see it already. The thing is since I am training now,  I take the lead in all appointments. My tagalog is improving really fast.

This week we have had some great experiences about teaching with the spirit. I just want to tell you that if the spirit is not with us when we teach.... things may go fine, but they won't go GREAT... we NEED the spirit when we teach....  The golden opportunities that we seek for as missionaries is to teach friends of members, with members present. Keep up with missionary work and never stop! 

I have a really quick story, a drunk guy came up to us the other day and asked us if he could borrow one of our shirts so that he could "go to church" (a church down the road)... 

Sorry, I forgot my cord again... one of these weeks you guys are going to get a lot of pictures from me....
Love you guys!

Love, Elder Schroeder

A note from Robin: 
Info about Dear Elder Letters @
The Church offers a free mail delivery service called "pouch mail" for letters to missionaries serving in countries where regular mail services are not reliable. Every week, they send one packet of letters to each pouch mission office, with the goal of more successful, timely letter delivery.

Pouch mail is sent out every Monday, but letters must be submitted by midnight on Sundays (technically 12am on Monday) to be included in that batch.

Check out, they offer a great service!
They will print the pouch letters that you write through site for free and send them weekly to the Church's pouch mail department. They, then, are responsible for sending the letters to the mission and it will be delivered to the missionary

Connor would love to get mail and this is a great reliable service!

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