Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Companion...

Hello Family!

I am having so much fun with Elder Clarito. It is great! Everyone says he is a super hard worker. And he really, really is.

Being a missionary is such a blessing in the lives of others. I am learning a lot of what it takes to be a real leader. I have to lead by example, if not, then everyone under my stewardship will fall accordingly. Being new in the mission, I thought that the things my leaders were saying were applicable... but not always true. As I serve now in this capacity, I see how it is exactly true. No doubt in my mind. The only way to be a perfect leader is to be perfect. It is very hard for anyone to rise higher, unless you are the one picking them up. I am really trying to work harder to increase the effectiveness of my leadership. It is really hard sometimes to do every single thing that I am supposed to do. It really leaves absolutely no time in my schedule, but it is the Lord's way. All the extra time I have got, from 10:30 to 6:00 is devoted to sleep (yes, I wake up a little early). I wish I had a bit more time in the day. 

As for our area, we are seeing great success among less active members. We had 2 return this week, Sister "A" and  Brother "L". "L's" wife has yet to come to church but I am sure she will, along with their children. We have many other potentials that are going to return for sure, It will just take some more time for them. As for investigators we have a new one that is a part member.... Sister "G". She is the sister in law of our ward mission leader.  Her husband is less active. I am super excited to see this family to come into the Church together. God wants this family to be together forever. 

One great thing also is that Elder Clarito's sister is going to be married on the 18th of April and we get to attend the sealing. Such a great blessing! It will be some good motivation to finish the mission strong. Love you guys.
Elder Schroeder

                                                                  Manila Temple

                                                 They have Krispy Creme in his area

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