Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Absolutely Loving it Here!!


Me with some kids, and a mouse I found in my shoe

Hello Family!

That is pretty cool about the jumbo tron at the padres game. Last time I was there we tried to get on it too, but they didn't put it up...

The work here is going great and I am absolutely loving it! The "T" family has gone to church two weeks now and they know that everything we are teaching them is true. We just taught them the word of wisdom and the accepted it super easy. So we are teaching them to get them ready for baptism! Just yesterday the sister called the church "our" church, which was super great. She used the phrase "sa simbahan natin..." which means a lot more if you can actually speak tagalog. But that was super great!! They are so ready to become members. 

Oh, Elder Dodini has been out about 6 months and his tagolog is just fine. He has some improvments he can make but so do I. He just gets frustrated when he can't get his point across or when he asks a question and they don't get it. Then I can help rephrase it and they get it right away. But he is getting there. He can speak well and understand most all what everyone is saying. I need to help him better with his language study. He is a super smart guy and is going to be a great leader here in the mission.

Oh so we had one really awesome story this week. Well, we always have some but this is great. Elder Dodini lost his umbrella about a week ago, but he thought that he brought it home. So he kept looking for it and looking for it buthe couldn't find it. So we are walking to an appointment one day on Coral Street and out of nowhere I look back and see a lady standing bhind me and to the right. So I just go up and talk to her.... I am talking to her, just small talk and what not.... out of nowhere she just says, "did you lose your umbrella?"... and Elder Dodini says, "yes!" Turns out she saw him drop his umbrella one night. So she goes into her house and comes out with Elder Dodini's umbrella. We could'nt believe it! Out of all the streets we walk on, out of all the people we talk to (we have over 50,000 people packed into our area, I would guess)... I talk to the one lady who found Elder Dodini's umbrella. Looking back at it, there was no reason why I wanted to talk to this lady, I can't describe it, it just made sense. 
So that is a pretty cool story.

Oh and I got sick this week. Threw up one and pooped more times than I could count. But I am feeling good now. We almost reached our weekly goals still even without being able to work Friday night and all day Saturday. 

Thats all I've got for this week.

Love you all!
Elder Schroeder

1. me with the "T" family after church
2. a cop car in our area/15 

Hello family!

Wow that is terrible to hear about Dad's truck! Did he buy the new sander? Is that the one that was in the truck? or was it the small blue one? That is really a bummer. That would be super discouraging... We at least you are going to get a new truck. You could trade in the HHR too or sell it to help pay for the new truck. I'm thinking red, just to let you know.

If your wondering what up with the reference to dad's truck and work tools. Here is a picture of it. Sad day!! We have to look on the bright side...Thankfully, no one was injured!!! Stuff can be replaced. 

Wow! Joy looks ready to pop any time now. Hopefully everything goes well with that. I'm going to have a new niece here pretty soon! 

 Casey, Joy (due anytime now) & Walker

The "T" family is doing so great! They showed up to church this week wearing their sunday best! They went out and bought some new clothes just so that they could look more like members. All of their friends at church were fellowshipping so well. They really enjoy coming to church. They are super awesome and will be baptized very soon. We just need to finish teaching them all the lessons and they will be ready to go.

So another good story this week. We got flashed again by that same lady. We have one of the craziest areas. We meet people all the time that have old scars in their stomachs from hold ups and riots and a bunch of random stuff. So needless to say, Elder Dodini and I are being very careful. We avoid the really bad areas at night too, just to be extra safe. We always have people warning us to be careful. I know that God is watching over us and as long as we are obedient we will be safe here. 

Oh Elder Dodini was also sick this week. So our work was pretty weak this week. But he is feeling better now and we are already hard at work again. I got a lot of time to study and worked out in the apartment which was really nice. Elder Dodini and I are really good friends and we have a lot of fun working together. He gets frustrated sometimes with the idleness of the people here but has a ton of faith that those people can change. 

Oh and I don't know if you heard but a typhoon came through north Luzon sometime this weekend. So we are getting a ton of rain down here in Manila. Parts of our area flooded and we were pretty wet last night and this morning. It should let up pretty soon though. 

The district I have been assigned to has lots of work to do. I am really trying hard to be a good leader. everyone seemed ready to work and you could expect a lot from every missionary. So that is what I am praying for every day, that I can be guided in the correct way to help others and those I serve with to better themselves. 

As far as other investigators go in the area, we have some good ones. And they are solid. We just have a lot that can't get to church. Here in Manila people work a ton. It is the sole reason that most people come here. So it is really hard to convince most of our investigators to try and switch their day off. There are a lot of unique circumstances that we have to help people overcome. It is a challenge, but that is really where we can see the true desire and faith of those we teach. We are here to find the elect. No doubt in my mind. I remember something an Elder I knew said once. When he said it, it was just a joke, but it has stuck with me ever since. He said, "kaunti lang ang maliligtas"... in english, "only few are those who will be saved." It is so true. Even within the members of church. Of all the people we teach, only few will accept the message. And of all those who accept it, not all will be successful at living it. All those who live up to their covenants will be saved "after all they can do." If we do all we can, we will receive the greatest Gift of God. But we need to ask ourselves, "Is this all that I can do? Am I living up to my potential? Is this what the Lord expects of me?" God gives no commandment unto us that we cannot fulfill. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." We can do it! Our potential is much larger than we can comprehend just as King Bejamin says in Mosiah 4:9. We cannot comprhend all things that God can comprehend. But we know, if He says it, it can be done. Strive for perfection in all we do, even if we cannot reach it now. Always have the goal to be better than you were yesterday. 

I love you all and miss you all a ton! Have a great week! I am praying for you all.

Elder Schroeder

sorry, I cant get this computer to upload pictures this week. Maybe we will try a different computer shop next week

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