Monday, July 4, 2016

See you next week!

Hello Family!

Happy Independence Day!! 

Well this is strange. I think I might be able to email again next week but I dont know. So how it works is that I fly out early of monday morning from Puerto at like 6 am to Manila. So Sunday I will make my way to Puerto and spend the night there. Then to Manila. Monday, I think I will be in the office the most of the day, so I may be able to email there. Then departing actvities on Tuesday and Wednesday I fly out. It is weird how close this all is, and it is weird that I have been to so many departing activities before, but now it is my turn.... weird to think about. 

So this weeks spiritual insight has to do with the teachings of the Savior. I have a personal goal to finish every single study activity in preach my gospel, because people never do them (I only have 2 left).... So this insight comes from one of these activities. What you have to do is read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and 3rd Nephi. And you have to write down all of the questions that Jesus asks while he is teaching. It is amazing to look at the angle of His teaching in this way. It gave me a new perspective on the way Jesus Christ teach. As reading it, it seems like the answer is always so simple. When we ask questions, are the answers simple? Despite the answers being simple, they provoke deep thought and pondering. Many were amazed at the questions and parables that he gave. Do our questions provoke meaningful thought, or do they leave others confused? In other instances you see the question of the Savior entice judgement. For example, when being judged before Pilate, he asks a witness if he witnesses these things of himself, or if others told him to say these things. Regardless of the answer, self inspection on the side of the witnessing party and the accusing party would result. It is amazing, despite the simpleness of His questions, how thoroughly they were able to cause others to ponder their own salvation, their own sins, and what it is they should do to follow the commandments of God. It makes me think of how I teach, how often I ask questions, how I respond to others questions, and how easy my questions are to answer. I think it would be of great worth to all of us if we were to take a moment before we were to ask a question to ponder what we would feel like if we were asked the same question. 

Anyways, it is cool to look at the way the Savior teaches. One cool thing the church is doing right now is they have a new program to help teachers called "teaching in the saviors way." I want to read it. 

Sorry, I am all out of time to email. i love you all! Have a great week! I will see you next week!

Elder Schroeder

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