Monday, May 27, 2013

Send mail to Elder Schroeder

He would love to receive some mail sent the old fashion way, $1.10 postage to the current address listed on the blog. It takes about 2 weeks to get to him.

Another great way to communicate with Elder Schroeder is to use the mail service available through ( This service is $1.10 the cost of a postage stamp. Once you are on the site, select “Write a letter” and then, in Letter Selection from the pull-down menu, select “Philippines MTC” and click on the Write a Missionary button.  You will need to enter your return address and provide the following for Connor:

  • Title:                    Elder
  • First Name:        Connor
  • Last Name:         Schroeder

That’s it!  You have up to 7900 characters to write to him.  You're done by selecting “Send Letter,” will print, fold and deliver the mail to him. Again, It's just the cost of a postage stamp, Elder Schroeder will be thrilled to receive your letter. When he is no longer in the MTC, this service is free through pouch mail service to the mission office from church headquarters in Salt Lake City. 

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