Monday, June 8, 2015

Teaching... Lots of potential & Drawing crowds here in Tondo

Hello Family,

Wow! long email this week. Hopefully, I can write enough about this week to keep you wanting to read my emails. That is cool that Sister Chumbley lived in Tondo for many years. 

So this week was pretty good. I got sick which was pretty hard. Having to deal with being sick on top of the time change made it really hard to stay awake during studies for a few days. We didn't take a day off though. We just worked through it and it all worked out. I am feeling a lot better now though. 

We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week and commit a lot of people to read, and pray, and to go to church. We didn't have any investigators go to church this week but we had a ton of less active members go to church this week. We had something like 13 less actives at church, which was a great experience. I have never had so many less active come to church in one week in my whole mission. And that wasn't even all of the members that we had committed to go to church. There is a lot of potential for reactivation here in this area.

I really do like the mission vision that President Ostler has. I really feel like it will lead to very effective missionary work in all senses, and it will really prepare ALL members to enter the temple. The vision is more of a long term plan, and I can see how well it would establish the church when it is implemented correctly. 

So as far as the area goes, we live just a little ways down the road from the intersection of moriones st and nicolas Zamora (You can Google earth it) We live in our area, which is nice. I am learning the area super fast, probably the fastest I ever have. But our area is pretty interesting. We live right on the edge of the bay. There are a lot of squatters but we don't spend too much time over there. We have some nicer areas with nice houses and then most of our area is just pretty rough housing but not quite squatters. The hard thing about this area here is that since people are so poor, the head of the household is always working. So it is hard to be able to teach a whole family all at once, since there is almost always someone missing. But it is helping Eldee Dodini and I to learn how to schedule appointments better with poeple. Sometimes they follow through, sometimes not. But all we can do is show up when we say we will. Success in the inviting, regardless of the result. But it is nice to have good results obviously. 
We have a few families that we are teaching that seem pretty promising. All of them are still pretty early along in teaching though so it is hard to tell right now wether or not they will be baptized. Elder Dodini is still pretty new in the area too, only 5 weeks, but he is leading the area well right now since I don't know the area. There is a lot of work to be done  and we are having lot of fun together. We really draw the crowds here in tondo. 
I got to know the elders in my district a little better this week cause we had to do some practice teaching pass offs for them, which was great! Dad was right, I don't have any sisters in my district. Sisters don't get assigned here. 
Anyways, I think that is pretty much it for me this week. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I love you all!

Elder Schroeder

Here is a picture of a house someone just decided to make in a tree on a median in the middle of a road
picture of the controls for a toilet i used in japan. 
oh and also a picture of part of luzon from the air. That is the north east side of luzon i am pretty sure

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