Monday, August 31, 2015

God loves you!!

Hello Family!

That is an interesting insight that Bishop Jacox had about Satan wanting to stop progression. Whenever, I think about not being there for Kyle's wedding, I am super sad. But it is true, that is what Satan wants. I have been working hard, and throughout the day I don't really think about it. I am busy which is helping. I have been praying hard and it has been helping me. I just need to continue doing what is right and continue to go forward in the mission. I know I am where I am supposed to be and that I have a lot more to do here in the mission. 

That is really great that what I said was able to be shared with those that were in attendance at the Stake conference Saturday meeting. The Spirit was there on that one. I admit that it is nice that I am being advertised by Sister Pyatt to a bunch of young women. haha. I'm not perfect though, but I can say that I am trying my hardest out here. 

My companion, Elder Burgos, is super awesome. I really really like him. He is a super nice person and really likes to have fun in the work. He is also super hardworking and is a great teacher! I dont have to wonder at all why he was made a zone leader. He has a lot of experiences that really help him to teach well and have a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well, I am running pretty low on time here. 

I just want to share one insight with you that I have learned from Elder Burgos' teaching.

God loves you. No matter what you are going through, no matter what you are feeling, no matter what mistakes you have made, God loves you. He wants you to be happy and to live with him again. He is our Eternal Father. He rejoices in our happiness and feels pain when we are sad. For this reason, He gave us His Son.

Love you all!

Elder Schroeder
P.S. We have an area in our zone that is 5 hours away on bus that we do exchanges with.... haha. Once a month we fly to Manila to be part of mission leadership council, which is this week. So I will be back in manila for a day and a half on thursday

Love you all!

this is the view from our apartment and the view from my seat on the airplane

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