Saturday, August 29, 2015

Transfer to new area!

Hello Family!

 I have a surprise!! I got a text last night from President Ostler. I am being transfered this Thursday to Palawan! I am going to be assigned in Santa Monica Branch again! My first Area! The boundaries are a little different now but I will get to see all the people that I taught and met before. And the way it works out, I am also going to be one of the Puerto Princesa Zone Leaders. I am really excited to go over there. Being Zone leader there means that we get to do exchanges with TayTay and Roxas districts. So I get to go see the northern parts of the island! I can't tell you how excited I am to go out there. 
So obviously it isn't transfer day... so it will be part of an emergency transfer. Elder Dodini will be put in a threesome with the other companionship that works in our ward. So they will be covering two areas. I am sad I have to leave because we have some really great investigators that I love so much. And since I will be on Palawan, I will not be able to go to any of their baptisms.
Anyways, I will keep an eye out for the Haynie's... I would doubt it if they came to Palawan for part of a mission tour. I will definitely see them at some point.
Well this computer shop is about to do maintainence on the computers so I have to cut this short. 
I love you all!
This week was great! Taught a lot of lessons and are seeing some good progress with our investigators. 

One spiritual imprssion I had is about the Sabbath. We should spend more time in humble and fervent prayer on this sacred day. As we do so, we will show our respect to God and His sacred day. He will pour His spirit upon us in greater abundance. I invite you all to spend more time praying on the Sabbath day, and I can promise you, regardless of what you may be feeling, you will feel God's love for you.

Elder Schroeder

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