Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mission tour and Palawan Christmas

Hello Family!

This was one busy week! I am glad that the missionaries are able to come over to our house for Christmas. It is nice to have somewhere to go for Christmas. We had a Christmas party this week on Palawan which was really good. And we have another one tomorrow. I will be sending you pictures of that this week I am sure. You will probably get a laugh out of it... I won't explain why though. Let's just say that Santa Claus is President Ostler... and even in the mission he still has his little helper elves.... 

Sounds like your week is rearing up to be super busy. Well at least you get to warm up for your next wedding by being a part of Brian's wedding. Oh and if you could wrap up Kyle and cathy's gifts for me that would be great. They are both in separate boxes so you can just wrap them up. Be sure to send s thank you note to the Wakes, They are super nice people and Elder Wake and I are pretty good friends. I will email them as well telling them thanks.

Oh, one question I have that Dad may be able to help me with. It is about the Melchizedek priesthood that Moses got. So he received it under the hand of Jethro, his father in law, a Midianite. He was a priest of Midian. And the midianites come from a branch of Abraham (but not the house of Israel. Midian is one of the descendants of Abraham through his third wife Keturah. Which is not part of the covenant house under Abraham. So my question is... How and why did God chose to pass the Melchizedek priesthood through the Midianites instead of the Covenant House of Israel? My research resources are limited.... so if you could try to figure out the answer to this, I would appreciate it. 

Well this week was really busy with the mission tour and flying to Palawan... So we met with President the day before mission tour and talked about some things. We decided who would be interviewed, what apartments we would go check etc. And since I didn't know how to get to one of the apartments that we would go to check, President suggested that Elder Burgos and I go and drive the route early Tuesday morning. So we woke up at 4am to go and drive all around Manila to figure out the best route to drive to get there... it sure helped a lot. I knew right where I was going when I had to drive around the car with a General Authority and President in the car... I was very happy when that was over with. And then we got to go to palawan for two nights which was really good. Elder Burgos and I got to work in our old area which was a lot of fun. We got back Friday night late. Good news is that we got drive through McDonalds twice this week. 

Anyways, so here is a good spiritual insight for the day. This comes from Elder Bowen. In 1954 (i think, just going off of memory), a medical student named Roger Banister set off to break a record that was thought impossible. At that time, the world thought it was impossible for a human to run a mile in under 4 minutes. On May 6th, 1954 Roger Banister broke this barrier that all thought impossible. The next year, 5 other countries had runners that also broke the 4 minute mile mark. 
Sometimes, we set false limitations for ourselves. We tell ourselves that we cant do something because it hasn't been done before. If we can break a barrier or false expectations that have been set, then others will follow after the example we have set. The same is true with the gospel. Do we ever think, it is impossible to love all the people around me? Or do we ever think that it is impossible to reach out to those we are assigned to home/visit teach because they dont like the church. We can overcome these things if we get it with a new cause and with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you all! Thank you for all the emails!

Elder Schroeder

1. Lechon Baboy (BBQ pig)
2. Elder Burgos and I with the Elder and Sister Bowen

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