Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Delayed email...

Hello there Family!

Sorry, i just got super busy, got distracted and I forgot to send last weeks. And I don't  think  ever finished typing the email.... so I will send you that one as well this week... busy busy week we are having a mision tour and Elder Burgos and I are in charge of pretty much everything... Or at least a lot of it. phew... just have to stop and take a breath sometimes. It's is all going well though! 

Yeah thats what I was guessing with Arthur's parents. So that is good to get a confirmation on that. 

Driving in Manila is pretty good. Not as hard as I thought it would be.... but it is kind of like playing go karts just in a giant van. The LTO (equivalent of DMV) was not that bad actually... but we got there early so that the line wouldnt be as long. One problem was that their machine that prints off the licenses was broken so we had to go back a few hours later and pick up the copy when the machine was fixed. But we got to go to taco bell while waiting which was super good. 

I am trying to make some arrangements right now to get the gifts I got for Kyle and Cathy back to the states. I have two options. Either I can send it with Elder Wake's parents or I can send them with Elder Johnson who will be seeing Jericho Handy at some point. Then he can just give them to him. 

Yes, by the way I got the package. It was in really great shape when it arrived. I opened it and got the book out, which I figured would be on the bottom, and re-closed it. So I need to look at the rest of the package. But it worked out really well i think. just curious, how much did it cost to send that via slow boat?

Elder Burgos has been out 22 months, but he extended for 30 days.. well actually, he was extended by president without telling him, haha. So actually the same thing that happened with me pretty much. Except when I came in the second time they had already extended my going home date. So he is going home in the middle of February. 

I just watched that video! I can't believe the volkswagen is working!! Is there any thing else that he needs to finish/fix??? Kyle isn't allowed to drive it before me...
It looks really really good! I am excited to drive it!!!

(this us where it ended from my email from last week, another one coming in a few minutes. You'll get 2 this week:)  

Love you!
Elder Schroeder 

1-2 view  from our apartment. that is the pasig river... you can't tell in the picture but that water looks a lot thicker than it should....
3- mini cooper at our apartment complex (there are also a few of these in our area)

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