Monday, June 10, 2013

Love it here!!

I can't believe how busy it is possible to be in one day! I am going to be sending a letter out today as well because there really isn't enough time to read and say everything that I want to say in one email. I am going to have to get off very soon so I will be sending two emails most likely.

I am sleeping very well, cause I'm dead tired), and the food is amazing! We have rice breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's almost a 100% guarantee. It is so amazing to be in the MTC. I can't even believe I am in the Philippines. The city is within eyesight and there are so many missionaries going to the Manila mission with me. It is so much fun here and I learn so so much every day. A batch of Filipino's went out on Wednesday and we just got a brand new batch this morning. They are such a loving people. It is so incredibly amazing to me how much faith these people have even if they don't know much about the gospel.

Advice for those preparing for their mission's. READ AND STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL. It is such a great tool and will help you so much in the MTC if you already have a strong foundation in it. Also, watch all of the district movies on the Internet because you will use them all the time in the MTC.

I also met Brother Villanueva (Taylor's Mission president) this last week. He is a very nice brother and really enjoyed serving with Taylor. He said Taylor was a very energetic and loving missionary.

Top- Filipino Missionaries
Bottom- President of the MTC, President Beck and his wife
The food here is way interesting. They love cheese flavoring on rolls, with sugar added. It actually isn't too bad. Many of the non-natives here find a lot of the food gross and do not eat it, but I haven't had anything yet that I do not like. We bought some ice cream today at the store while doing p-day things. It way a three flavor combination thing. One of the flavors in it was queso (cheese). Haha cheese ice cream. It even had little bits of cheese in it and everything. Everyone here is still amazed with my last name. They are constantly staring at it and asking me how to say it. Even my teachers, who have been with us for two weeks now, have a hard time saying it still. It is very funny to see them all struggle with the name.

We ran into a missionary here that was in the missionary recovery center. He had been out in the field for only two weeks and could already hold a full conversation with someone. I am so incredibly excited to get out in to the field. Everyone finds my enthusiasm for the work entertaining! I love to have the discussions, although frustrating in Tagalog, teaching in English just comes so natural. Sometimes it makes it very frustrating to not be able to get my point across.

Way to go MOM! by the way. Keep it up. Now you just have to get dad walking around and swimming with you. It is a weird feeling knowing that I won't be able to see you all for another two years except on Skype.

Tell Pablo that I LOVE his country. It is very hot, and has a distinct smell to it. But I can't think of being in any other place right now. The people here are so loving and caring. Let him know that I will be happy to speak Tagalog with him when I get back. The Philippines is a great country and I already love it.

I have seen so many blessing being poured out to me already while on my mission. The language training is going well. Or "mabuti" I should say. We have really been focusing on learning grammar the past week. It is a lot to learn but I am picking it up quickly. The language is very diverse and is so rich. There are usually about three ways you can say a simple English sentence depending what focus you want. I can understand a lot of what the natives say when they are speaking. The language is seeming to slow down a little bit too. It doesn't sound to me like that are talking at a million miles an hour anymore. I have really been trying to use the language a lot more around the MTC, not just during language training. which seems to be helping. I don't have much time left. Look for my letter.

Elder Schroeder (1)

FYI- you can look at Kyle's post and you'll see there is a little rivalry between our boys. They both think they are #1. They actually are; Connor was 1st born by a whole 4 minutes and Kyle was the 1st to leave on his mission. I think they are both great!!

Manila Temple
 Across the street from the Missionary Training Center

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