Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Teaching Experience

Hey Everyone!!!

Thank you for the extra panalangin (prayer) mom. It was such an amazing experience to go proselyting out in the field, and it gave me lots of motivation to study harder. I got to ride a Jeepnee and a Trike (not sure how to spell either) for the first time on Wednesday. We fit 4 people on the trike! Which seemed pretty amazing to me. The trikes really are very small. Elder Maile and I were in the little booth smashed in there, and Elder Walker and Rivera (in field missionaries) both sat on the motorcycle with the driver. So the driver was sitting practically on the gas tank while driving. It amazed me the kind of conditions all of those people live in out there. Just concrete/dirt roads (sort of both at the same time) that are way dirty. The water that constantly runs on the sides of the streets is either grey, black, purple, or this urine/brown color. There are stray dogs practically everywhere and you have to watch them to make sure they don't nip your heels when they get behind you. 

There really are a lot of people in the Philippines. We will NEVER run out of people to teach here. I was able to teach a family of five in Tagalog with Elder Walker. It was the real thing! I taught the restoration of the gospel, sort of... and rather slowly, but the people here just love to listen to white people speak in their language, no matter how bad it is. Then with the help of Elder Walker, we related it to how priesthood power is the only way that families can be together forever, which is what they really liked about Mormons. We were able to commit them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and to go to church on Linggo (Sunday). It was such a great experience to be able to teach a real people, because we have been doing role plays for the past four weeks. It made me so so excited to get out into the field and starting to really learn the language. Elder Walker said that I did very well for my first lesson and he feels like I will be a great missionary. He also told me his first lesson was on the side of a freeway to a woman with about a dozen naked kids surrounding him, haha. There are naked kids everywhere here. 

The people of the Philippines are so loving and nice. I can't wait to get to know them!

Sorry, no new pictures this week. I got Grandma Rozsa's letter. It was postmarked on the 24th of May from Salt Lake, and I got it on the 12th of June, so its about 2 and1/2 weeks for mail to arrive.

We go to the Temple on P-day here in the MTC. I actually just got back from there. I am amazed that there are that many people looking at my blog!! (Here is a shout-out to all the blog followers!) Way to go Mom! Thank you so much for doing that blog so that others can share my experiences. And good job to Dad for fixing the Chrysler! I do wish I was able to go to Catalina Island with you all... but I'm on an Island already, and I get to preach the Gospel!!! I am so excited to serve. Everyone really loves my enthusiasm for wanting to spread the Gospel. I love you all and I thank you for all your prayers!

Love, Elder Schroeder

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