Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Salamat po!

Your Tagalog is very close mama. You almost said "we love Elder Schroeder."

I cant believe it! I have been in the MTC here now for 3 weeks! We get to go out in the field for 4 hours on Wednesday this week! I am so excited! I will be in the MTC for another two and a half weeks. So my total stay is just over 5 and a half weeks. I can't believe that I am already past half way done in the MTC.

I am really excited to get the language down and speak fluently. I heard some native speakers really talking quick the other day, and I could hardly understand what they were saying, although I did get the main topic. About the language, it's strange because the verb comes first in Tagalog, then the actor, object, and location can be in any order as long as they have the right markers. Haha. Crazy. The verbs are different for whatever part of the sentence you want to be an emphasis on. So you can say and sentence in like 6-9 different ways with one verb sometimes.

Part of my district- lots of Sister Missionaries.

I am doing mabuting mabuti! And I am very glad that you are masaya. To answer your questions-The MRC is a place for injured missionaries to recover from surgery basically, I think. Rice and Chicken is typical, with some strange vegetables of unknown variety (like I really have no idea what the vegetables are) and some fruit. Like bananas or mango or papaya or pineapple. Sister Brockbank's uncle is a bishop there. Hahah, I just asked here now. What a small world huh? For exercise, everyone here loves basketball. I have been playing more basketball than I ever have before. I am actually getting a lot better. I can make a 3 pointer about 40% of the time. I also do a lot of push-ups, sit ups, and a bunch of other stuff. My companion can't run cause he has a torn ACL, so I haven't been able to run yet. We stay inside a lot of the time with air conditioning, but we do some teaching activities outside. I haven't heard about the broadcast yet, but I'm sure we will watch it.

Haha 106 sure is pretty hot. At least it isn't humid though... The rainy season is starting here soon, and it is cooling down a bit. It is strange, when it is in the low 80's and raining, it really does feel a bit chilly outside. I wish I could have some blackberries!! That reminds me for some reason. There are a few feral cats that roam around the MTC here. We just saw a baby kitten this morning chowing down on some bits of meat outside the cafeteria.

We get to teach role play investigators here in Tagalog which is a great blessing. It is challenging, but I definitely learn the most during those times of the day. We have 4 people we teach throughout the week, at least one a day, sometimes two. Two investigators, a former investigator, and a less active. It is hard to focus on the spirit when we have such a hard time even communicating, but we are improving and learning a lot every time we teach.

Thank you (Salamat po) to everyone for the emails!
Ingat po! (take care) at nagmamahal kayo! (and I love you guys).

Love, Elder Schroeder

Hey everyone, I'm a tad behind he sent this last Friday June 14th, 
I hope your enjoying the updates.

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