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July 29, 2013
Hey Family!
Wow seems like you have been up to a lot! Haha... Idaho can be pretty amazing! I have seen a cockroach the size of my hand, and a spider the same size it's  pretty crazy. The living conditions are nice. It is weird getting used to sleeping in a hammock and without any walls to our apartment, except where we shower. Its just like a little bamboo bungalow, with a roof and suspended from the ground. Its pretty awesome though. I cant believe I never told you about the place we live! Hahah. 

This last week we got to do some service out in the middle of the jungle (we had to cross two rivers and walk about a mile and a half into the jungle to get there). It was a tree planting project/party. There were about 1500 people there or more. Right in the middle of the jungle partying. We hiked up into the forest and planted a bunch of little trees. Then they had a bunch of native Filipino performances and cultural dances, which was way awesome. One funny thing that happened was that the news crew came to the event because it was so big. Sister Larsen and I were the only white people there. So the news crew kept zooming in on us. They even tried to interview Sister Larsen, but that would be against the rules... so we didn't let them. haha. funny though. 

This week was tough with all our investigators but we have two that are doing really well. 
My Tagalog is progressing well. I still have a lot of work and It is hard to understand everyday conversations. But I feel I am really starting to learn it quicker and I am understanding more individual words and structures in conversation. I am really working hard at it and it is coming. Just a couple more months now! I cant believe I have almost been out in the field for one month now! 

Ingat kayo palagi! Mahal kayo ko! 
Elder Schroeder
P.S. I was messing with you about the hammock and bungalow deal... heheh mom. We live in an apartment. It is very nice. Small but nice. here are come pictures.

                                                                          Planting a tree

                                                       Our Kitchen

August 5, 2013
Hey Family!
Wow! glad the house is standing... here are some things I keep forgetting to email you. First off. MY camera is working. I figured it out. And if you send a package ever.. put some Tylenol in it. It needs to be Tylenol though, it cannot be a blood thinner. I have ibuprofen already so  I don't  need that.  If i were to get dengue fever  (not sure how to spell it) I am not allowed to take a blood thinner because dengue thins your blood already.  Its because, it is really hard to get medications here. You can only buy 1 pill at a time... once a day. So it is almost impossible, so that's that. 

How did you find out about the underground river? it turns out that the district went there about a month before I got here and it was organized by the mission president because the zone did well that month. It is unlikely that I will be going... but it is possible. Tell dad that he needs to get better. He can do it though. (kay niya dyan) 

This week has been great! I have really taken off in learning Tagalog. I could really understand a lot more this past week and speak relatively well. I am really working hard at it an really trying to be obedient so the Lord can help me. I have so much to learn it is amazing! I love to learn it and it isn't as frustrating now that I can understand more... I can give a pretty rough lesson on almost any gospel principle... it is just really rough and rather short... speaking gospel terms is much easier than other more regular everyday language. So I am trying to work on that so I can hold a conversation better. The zone leaders told me on Friday that I will most likely train after this 12 week program is finished.. and I will probably be the district leader... I dont think I will and the thought of that is daunting. But I know I could do it with the Lords help.

This week I have really gained a testimony of the phrase in Doctrine and Covenants 4 "eye single to the glory of God." There are so many stories in the Book of Mormon where this phrase is emphasized. For example the story of the people of King Zeniff, Noah and Limhi. (beginning of Mosiah). You can see how when we are at the point where we praise the glory of God in all we do, we are a righteous people and we prosper. And when we dont... like King Benjamin said in Mosiah Chapter 7 (I think) that we will be put into bondage. (whether that be bondage to sin or bondage to a government).... Obedience brings blessings  (D&C 130:20-22) BAM. That's it right there. (sorry, I don't have my scriptures with me.... I think these are the right references). Obedience in this life, where we must walk by faith rather than sight, is key. It is the only way we can succeed through the Atonement. 
My testimony has been growing so much and I am seeing many blessings manifesting themselves as I try my best to be obedient. I love the Gospel and the feeling of peace the spirit brings. I can see my teaching, my knowledge and my Tagalog suffer when I am not obedient and do not have the spirit with me. I have a greater testimony now of  D&C 42:14. "If ye receive not the spirit, ye shall not teach." What a great blessing it is to be a missionary who is called of God, and has the restored priesthood authority of God. The restoration truly is a great blessing in our lives, I love it and I always find myself reflecting on it, even when I miss home and all the recklessness there. The Gospel is the greatest blessing we have and as we go forth with an eye single to the glory of God, we will strive to be obedient, obtain blessings, and have a desire to preach the Gospel (Mosiah 28:3 and Luke 22:32). It is great to feel this strongly about the Gospel and to receive witnesses through the power of the Holy Spirit. I can truly testify that the Spirit can dwell in your heart and bring peace to your mind. To all those who doubt, persevere and go forth with faith. If the spirit hasn't told you yet, its because your faith is being tried. We are on this earth to walk by faith through our trials. You can only receive a witness after a trial of your faith  (Ether 12:6)

I love you all so much and I thank you for teaching me the gospel in my youth. If I didn't  have that knowledge, I would truly be lost. You have been awesome parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents and you have taught me so much. I love you all. Go forward with faith. The Lord will bless.

Ingat kayo palagi!
Elder Schroeder

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