Sunday, February 28, 2016

Press Forward...

Wow it seems like wedding plans are coming along and you are all getting busy with everything. It is really exciting... I wish I was there then I could fix kyles car the right way so he doesnt mess it up haha. Just kidding. I am doing great! It is weird to think that kyle is getting married. He hasn't even been home a year and he will be getting married, best of luck to him. 
I am excited to see what the wedding invitation looks like. I bet Joy did a great job.
I am just about ready to go out and do all the other preparation day things that I have to do. We have all of our meetings done and all that... I just need to eat and finish writing this last email here to you all. 
This week we are going to Palawan for 3 days. We are leaving tomorrow at 9:55 and getting back on Friday morning. So we are not going to be able to work in our area that much this week. But we get to go "vacation" on Palawan and work in our former area. I am really excited and also sort of bummed. We are going to eat "Tamilok" while we are there. You can look it up this week to find out what it is... otherwise I will send you a picture of it next week. 
I am working super hard and we are  being blessed a lot for it. We were able to have 22 new investigators this week. We have so so many people we are teaching... bummer thing is that none of them went to church this week. Satan is working hard on these people and has a lot of power over those who don't know the gospel well enough. We will keep working with them and their faith will grow. I know that they will go to church one day and will be able to feel the Spirit as they do so. 

Here is my spiritual insight for the week. Here is a quote from the words of Neil L. Andersen about pressing forward,

Press forward implies something more than simply going forward. Press implies something is preventing your advancement, and you must push through it. To go forward in this life, you must press temptations aside, press through obstacles, press the doubt and the fear under your feet, and embrace the divine qualities of faith, hope, and love.
There are many examples fitting for the words of Elder Neil L. Andersen. One that I really like has a picture that goes along with it. When Peter came unto Jesus as he walked upon the water. Peter initially felt resolute and firm in his faith, and was able to walk upon the water. He "press[ed} the doubt and fear under [his] feet" and did exactly as the Savior did. When he saw the large waves and felt e would be overcome, his doubt won over faith, and he sank. At this very moment, possibly after quite some struggle, he reached to the Savior and the Savior reached to him. He was saved. The picture that I attached to the email is one of my favorite pictures of this event. It shows how Peter must have really felt as he came close to drowning in the sea. It shows us that when we lose faith and hope in the Savior, then we suffer, however, he is always there to lift us up out of the depths of despair when we need him most. We must too press forward in faith and always keep our eye on the Savior. Keeping our eye on him will help us to push those doubts, fears and struggles that we have under our feet, where we can overcome them. Then we will be able to embrace the divine qualities that the Savior has and live like him. 

Love you all!
Elder Schroeder

here is a picture of the church we go to on JB Roxas street. If you want to look it up it is on the corner of Enfanta street and JB Roxas in brgy Olympia. 

And here is the picture of Peter and Jesus

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