Sunday, November 29, 2015

Airport and Christmas Songs


Hello family!

Haha those pictures are funny. Acting like a nerd sure comes natural to Glen for some reason.

So this week was an interesting week. Something happened to my insides at about 9:45 pm on Wednesday night and I was in extreme pain for about six hours. I couldn't sleep and it was terrible. It has been coming and going ever since. I threw up once the pain was so bad, it was right where one of my kidneys are. So I thought it was a kidney stone. But I got checked out and I have no kidney stones. I am doing well though. The last doctor I talked to thought it was muscle pain so I took a muscle relaxant and a strong pain killer. The pain seems to have gone away so maybe they figured it out. I  didn't take any time to rest this week so maybe that is why it didn't get better. Who knows. We will figure it out though. 
Don't worry about me though mom. I am doing well! Still working hard and helping others to come unto Christ. Elder Sorronda has been a champ the past few days making sure that I am doing well and taking the lead on a lot of lessons. 

oh yes, and tell dad that I am interested in selling the motorcycle. I would like to get 1500 for it if not more. I have seen people asking about 1700-1900 for them on craigslist. I think the lowest. So if dad can sell it to that guy then that would be great! 

Sorry I don't really have that much time to write something very long today,
but here is something cool president wrote in his letter to all of us this week.

This is from President Ostlee: (and I am one of the 6 elders in the story)
"Recently, Sister Ostler, Caleb, six  elders, 2 sisters and I spent many hours at the Manila airport trying to  get on a plane to fly to Puerto Princesa. After waiting several hours we finally boarded the plane, put on our seat belts, and then the pilot announced that our flight was canceled. We waited another 30 minutes, de-boarded  the plane, picked up our luggage and went back home. We got up very  early the next morning and again boarded the plane to Puerto  Princesa. I watched our missionaries closely. What would they do? How  would they react to waiting and waiting, getting to bed late, getting up  early and then doing it over again? I am pleased to report that I never  heard a single word of complaint. What did they do? They talked to  everyone around them about the gospel and received some referrals. After  that, they pulled out their hymnbooks and sang Christmas hymns and  other gospel hymns to the crowds of hot, frustrated people. They brought  smiles to people's faces. Many people (including Sister Ostler)  videotaped these smiling, singing, happy Mormon missionaries. I would  not be surprised if the whole purpose for these flight problems was to  bring the gospel to these souls!

FIRST INVITATION: NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING. Never  complain about the weather. Never complain about your companion. Never  complain about the leaders or the members. Never complain about your  area or the bugs or the pollution. Never complain about people who  reject you or who don't keep their commitments.

SECOND INVITATION: FIND SOMETHING POSITIVE IN EVERY SITUATION.  For  example, if the weather is hot, be thankful that it is not hotter. Use  your umbrella. Be grateful you don't have to buy expensive jackets,  hats, gloves and scarves for your mission. Find positive things about  your companion. Say true, positive things about leaders and members. Be  humble enough to realize that you are not perfect, so express faith and  confidence in the people you teach. If they don't keep their  commitments, trust the Lord, do your best and the Lord will bless you.  Complaining never blessed anyone.

Elder Orson F. Whitney said: "The spirit of the gospel is optimistic;  it trusts in God and looks on the bright side of things. The opposite  or pessimistic spirit drags men down and away from God, looks on the  dark side, murmurs, complains, and is slow to yield obedience." 

Well that's all he said about that
I love you guys! Thanks for all our love and emails

Elder Schroeder

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