Sunday, November 29, 2015

Transferred to Manila


Hello Family!

How are you all doing!? I am doing really well! My back is feeling a lot better but still a little twitchy sometimes. If it ever hurts really bad again, I have got some extra medication that will help me out. 

 Well, I got a surprise this week that I was not expecting. On Friday, I got a call from president during companionship study. He told me that I was transfering back to Manila. Makati actually. So I am back pretty close to where I was assigned before. Just on the other side of Makati. I am companions with Elder Burgos again! We were only separated for about 4 weeks. I am also with Elder Wilson too. They are both really great missionaries!! 
I was actually Elder Wilson's zone leader in Makati East when he was brand new in the mission being trained. So it is super strange being companions with him. He is going home in 2 weeks and then Elder Burgos and I will be on our own again. So these next few transfers are going to be an interesting expereince. We are always super super busy. One cool thing is that I am going to get a Philippines drivers license. I am kind of nervous to learn how to drive in Manila. But it will be a good experience. 

So the work in my new area isn't doing too well. It needs a lot of help. We don't have much time to be able to work sometimes so when we do work in our area we really hit the pavement and work hard. We had one investigator at church this week named "P". The last time she attended church was general conference. And we actually didn't think she was going to come. So we were blessed a ton to be able to have an investigator there. We fasted and prayed that we could have a "white christmas" like you heard about. So this week is going to be a big week of work. 

Sorry, I was emailing earlier but it kind of got cut off. We had a meeting that we needed to attend really quick to be prepare for a big meeting that we will be having tomorrow. Elder Maynes is going to be coming. So all the missionaries in the Metro are going to be coming to a single church building tomorrow. So were were organizing all of that. One really cool thing is that Elder Maynes is going to have personal interviews with all of the office staff. So I am going to get to have an interview with a general authority.

I am really excited to be back here with Elder Burgos and Elder Wilson. The work is going to be great! And the mission is doing super well. It is great to see how the mission runs and how much it takes to keep it all going. So here is a spiritual insight for the week. 

This is a story that President Mosguera (District President of Puerto Princessa) shared in the last talk that I heard him give. There were two sons, and a Father. One, the older brother and one the younger brother. The older brother was big and strong, while the younger was small and still quite young. One day, their father went and cut down two trees, both the same size and weight, and he told his sons that they both needed to carry one log to a part of his land that was vary far away. Then the father told them that whoever was first, would inherit all that the father had. The older could not quite lift the log even though he was big and strong, but he could still move it quite quickly. The younger had to push and pull with all his might to get the log to move just a few feet. The older thought that he would impress his father by getting there very quickly, so he cut off a foot of his log so that he would be able to pick up the log and just walk all the way to the end. The younger pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled, and had very slow progress. What the older brother did not realize is that there would be a river to cross at the end of his journey, and that the log his father had cut was just the right length to make it across this river. He tried to use his log to cross the river, but it was not long enough, so it fell in the river and was washed away. After a very long time, the younger brother arrives at the river, and is able to cross and receive all that his father had, because his log was just the right length. 
From this we learn that we should not cut short our potential. Even though it looks like things are hopeless and that we cannot accomplish the things that seem so easy for others, we all have a divine nature and destiny that can never be taken away from us, unless we take it away from ourselves. 

I love you all!

Elder Schroeder

P.S. here is a funny picture that was used in last MLC. We talked about the Army of Helaman and how we can be more like them. Caleb (Ostler's son) photoshopped the picture with faces of some elders 

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