Friday, April 1, 2016

Detour, ticket and pictures...

March 14, 2016 

Hello Family! 

This week went by fast! I cannot believe Kyle is married now. I hope they have a fun honeymoon. It will be weird when I get back I will be the only unmarried one in the family. 
We have a lot of stories from this week. First off, we accidentally drove to cavite this week. We were going to attend a meeting in the vary southernmost part of our mission called paranaque. And we missed a turn. We ended up on the highway (with no exits) that goes all the way down to cavite. So we crossed the mission boundaries by quite a bit. Good news is, we still made it to the meeting on time. 
We conducted exchanges with the Paranaque West zone leaders. And then the next day we conducted exchanges with the paranaque zone leaders. Elder Whittle committed a traffic violation while driving. (which was really not a violation) and we got pulled over. He ended up paying off the traffic enforcer with 2000 pisos. So thats how it goes here. But it was all okay and we made it to where we needed to go. 
The week went by super fast because we were super busy the whole week conducting exchanges. But I got to work with two really great missionaries and I learned a lot from them both. 

I will send another email shortly. I am just sending this one with pictures so the file won't be to large. 

The first three are pictures of palawan and luzon from the air. The last one is the view from the window of our apartment, and inside our apartment


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