Friday, April 1, 2016

Eternal Families is the Goal...

March 14, 2016

I looked at the picture with my face in the background and that is really funny!!  I am glad that I was able to be there with a smiling face and all. I am glad that the wedding went well and everything was all fun and stuff. Kyle seems like he is really happy. It is still super weird to think that he has a wife now. But hey that's great! I am super super happy for them. Hopefully, they have a fun honeymoon. After their honeymoon they are going straight up to school right?

Look just over Perry's shoulder and you'll see a special guest at the wedding. We laughed when we noticed we caught this on camera. We had a stand in for Elder Schroeder at his twin brothers wedding at the San DiegoTemple. 

Anyways, I forget all of the other stories that I was going to share with you this week. We didn't have as many investigators at sacrament this week as we had hoped. Only 3. The mission is doing super well though! We have had the missions highest number of oyms in the history of manila mission ever! 15071 oyms! That means that the 200 missionaries in our mission talked to and invited over 15000 people to come unto Christ. It is so amazing to see how great of an influence that we can have upon people. Only 509 of them even gave time to allow the missionaries to share a message with them. It gives me great joy to see how the efforts of so few missionaries can help so many people. So that others can eventually experience what Kyle and Cathy experienced as they knelt at the altar and were sealed for all eternity. That's really what the end goal is.  Every single person of the 15000 individuals that our missionaries talked to here in this mission is loved by God. And God wanted each and every one of them to be able to receive the ordinances that they need to have eternal families and have the opportunity for eternal progression with our Father in Heaven. The gift has been given, and the price paid. All we need to do is follow Him and change our lives to be in harmony with his commandments, and we will receive greater happiness than we can imagine. 

I love you all family!

Elder Schroeder

 Elder Schroeder's twin brother- Kyle and his beautiful bride Catherine 3/12/16

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