Friday, April 1, 2016

Gaining more understanding, love and appreciation...

March 7, 2016 
Hello Family!

This week went by super fast like normal. First off, I cannot believe that Kyle is going to be married this week. It is strange to think that he will be sealed in the temple forever! You all better send me a ton of pictures. Or put them on dropdox or something so that I can view them. 
I am really excited for them!! I am sure they are both excited and nervous a little bit. It sounds like you are all super busy and having fun preparing for the wedding. Are you going to be happy when it is all over? Then you will just have one more left to do (thats IF I can find someone that will want to marry me). haha. Don't get too stressed though. It will all be over in just a couple more days.
I am having fun here. We had a busy week with MLC and exchanges with the Puerto Princesa zone leaders. We have 2 more exchanges planned this week and we are going to be in full swing with preparing for Zone conferences that start here in the middle of the month. The zone conferences are going to be great! I am really looking forward to all of them. We have three in total and we are in charge of making sure every single thing at the zone conferences goes smoothly. It is quite a task but we have all of the organizational items all figured out. We just need to develop the training with president. We have a meeting with him in just a few minutes actually to come up with all of the training and other things that need to be taken care of before the conferences begin. It reminds me of you making plans for youth conferences and things like that in the past. I understand much better now what amount of preparation needs to be put into large activities like this. So good work mom and dad! You really taught me a lot about these sort of things and it really helps me a lot. I am really grateful for that. 
There were a lot of other things that happened this week but I just can't remember all of them. Elder Whittle and I are having a of fun together. He always talks about cows, but it is really cool because now I get to learn a lot about cows, which I never thought I would on my mission. 
The work is going super well in our area. We are really trying to push a few people for baptism, but there are a lot of other things that need to be worked out with all of our investigators. The great thing though is that we have really been blessed with a lot of really great investigators. There is this one lady in the ward here that I was able to help reactivate when I was still pretty new in the area, and every time that I see her and teach her I just feel so grateful to have been a part of her life and the huge changes that she has made. She also has child with some disabilities, and every time he sees me he just yells, "Elder!" with a big smile (since he does not know how to say my last name)... When I first met him he wouldn't even look at me and was very very shy. He is 16 years old, and we were able to actually teach him this last week. It was only a ten minute lesson, but it is a huge milestone for him. Now we are preparing him to get ready to receive the aaronic priesthood and pass the sacrament. Being able to work with you mom at school has helped me gain a better appreciation and love for people with disabilities. 
So I am all out of time here for emailing. I tile a break in emailing for a bit, we just finished our meeting with President. We are getting into the full swing of preparation for zone conferences. It is going to be great! 

Here is my spiritual insight for the week: and experience that I wanted to share. The people that it is about, read my blog so please don't put it up on blog until I ask them in the future and see if it alright to post.  I'll write it in my journal and share it at a later time after I get permission from my friends. 

I love you all! Have a great week and have fun at the wedding!

Elder Schroeder

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