Monday, April 25, 2016

Unique experiences...


Hello Family! 
We just finished an office staff meeting and our meeting with president. We just started planning training for interviews that will start again next transfer. We also talked about some other things and it seems like I am going to be transferred. President of course said that he does know yet, but it really sounds to me like I am transferring. Enough talk about that though, it is not for sure yet. I could be staying here. Wherever I am needed, there I will go. 

This was a good week and I enjoyed being able to watch conference. Conference was super good! If I had to pick one thing from conference that I got in general it would be this: We need the power of more members entering the new and everlasting covenant to protect us from the increasing influence of the adversary. Everything we do as members should point to preparing those who have not yet become part of this covenant to become ready, and for those that have entered into the covenant, to continue to live worthy to receive the power available through the covenant. (you may think that means I want to get married, but its not). All the efforts that we do as members point to that moment where two individuals enter into the most powerful, sacred and binding covenant. This covenant is eternal and supernal, and all who area an appendage of it have the opportunity to receive the power to become like Captain Moroni, an enemy to the Son of the Morning, able to make Satan tremble at the very thought. Our eyes and minds need to be centered on the temple.

I feel like the brethren have really been focusing on this in preparation for the coming days and all the diverse forms of temptation that will cause many to be lost in strange paths. 

I don't think I would ever want to run for president. 

Thank you for taking care of all my school stuff!

Yes, I got some answers to some specific questions. It was pretty cool actually. I don't remember if I told you, about last conference. I had written down a question I wanted an answer to which was, What should my career be? And in the conference three doctors spoke back to back all sharing experiences from their careers. I thought, oh maybe that was just a strange coincidence... So I had the same question this time around, "What should my career be?" And the very first speaker that we got to listen to was Russel M. Nelson, who shared another experience about his profession as a surgeon. I have been praying about it, and I am getting more and more sure this is what I should do. So that has been a really good experience for me. It may be good also to note that I have not just been expecting some sort of sign or miraculous vision or anything of the sort, but I have been praying earnestly for a long time, and the spirit has told me in silent ways and confirmed it in my heart and mind. He has also used His servants to tell me in another small way, that I should pursue this course. That has been a unique experience to me seeing how God works through both His servants and His Holy Spirit. 

I love you all! Sorry my email is short.

Elder Schroeder


Proud mom moment!! 
A post on Facebook from Sister Ostler:
"The Hansens just sent pictures of our wonderful assistants' apartment!  Wow!  They are a great example!  Having three couples helping with housing checks has really improved the quality of cleanliness throughout the mission.  Apartments that pass inspections get free cleaning solution and even treats sometimes!  :)  You moms should be proud!" 

I recognized Elder Schroeder's belongings all neat and orderly:) Way to go Son!!! 

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