Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Area- Quezon, Palawan

Hello Family!
So I am not really use to emailing here in the field. The computers are a lot slower so I don't get as much time actually typing. So I am running short on time and this email may be a little shorter than regular. 
My companion is Elder Hernandez. He is from Las Vegas and is Hispanic. He is super nice likes to joke around. We have already been able to have a lot of fun and are going to keep having lots of fun in the next few months. It is weird to think how close I am to going home. The thing is that I don't have any time to really think about it because I am busy training and working hard.  I'm going to help  Elder Hernandez's with learning Tagalog. I hope to be able to help him out a lot. 
He is great though and it is a lot of fun to be his companion. 
This week was great. Yes,  I stayed an extra day to help with training and orientating the new missionaries. I got to drive the departing missionaries around all day too, which was great. And then on Wednesday afternoon I went to Palawan and escorted two new missionaries there where they are also going to be trained. 

It is really great to be back in the field. The word must have gotten out because the whole branch knows that I was an assistant. It is super awkward but it will stop eventually. It is a big part of the culture in the church here. Filipinos often aspire to be assistant when they find out that you were an assistant.... It's a big deal for them anyway, just an interesting fact here. 

The area is about 3 to 4 hours away from puerto and you have to take these shuttle vans. They pack you in pretty tight and the air conditioning isn't quite strong enough but it is not too bad. It is about the same size as santa monica and there are a lot of people that live here. I am really looking forwad to the work here. 
One thing that is not so good here is that there is no running water during the day. This is because there is a drought right now and they do it to conserve water. So we have to stockpile water in buckets and bottles and stuff to be able to have enough water to shower at night. I really like it here though and we are going to get a lot done and have fun. 
Sorry, running out of time to email!

Love you! 
Elder Schroeder

I hope you had a great birthday!
I have been to taytay before too by the way! It's awesome theybordganized a new branch! 
I am sorry you didn't get that job :( I was praying for you. 

We are going into puerto for interviews this week. Staying in a hotel called GoHotel

Here is a picture of Me, Elder Crowder, Elder Erwin and Elder Hernandez (left to right). 

The next picture is us 4 assistants after our day of orientation (right before I left to palawan). 

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